The Crew

I love bringing my family and friends into my kitchen for cooking adventures. Here are some frequent visitors!

Stanton: My wonderful husband who humors my hobby by spending whole afternoons exploring Asian grocery stores and serving as my life-long sous chef. He also “selflessly” taste-tests nearly everything I make. He keeps crossing his fingers that this vegetarian will one day make him a brisket. Until then, our vegetarian meatloaf will have to do.

Maggie: Our marketer, frequent co-brainstormer, and overall sound board! She enjoys trying out new recipes, shopping for new books, and anything related to Turkey. Maggie and Sam have been friends since kindergarten, and over the years Maggie has become obsessed with Sam’s family’s top secret mandelbread recipe…please note that this is one recipe that we will never post. Sorry Maggie.

The Hand: The Hand is a camera person, vegetable chopper, and all around helper in the kitchen. She, or rather the person she is attached to, has been Sam’s friend since preschool. She attended hand modeling school, where she learned to strut her stuff across the counter without getting a hangnail. The Hand recently returned to DC after a few years away for law school!

The Museum Crew: We are passionate about our field, but sometimes we just need to embark on a baking project together! Ashlee, Becky, and Hilary are cooking titans in their own right, and when we all join forces it get pretty exciting. Our most epic enterprise is our annual gingerbread submission to the National Zoo’s holiday contest — we take this project VERY seriously.


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